TZ-600-ECA Trapzilla Grease Interceptor


ASME A112.14.3 (Tested) Flow Rate: 75 GPM (4.73 l/s)

Grease Retention Capacity: 635 Pounds (288 Kg)

Material: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene



The Thermaco © TZ-600-ECA In-Ground Trapilla Grease Interceptor is ASME rated for 75 GPM and holds more than 635 pounds (86 Gallons) of grease in a 95 Gallon footprint. Unlike traditional interceptor designs, the TZ-600 is capable of holding more than 85% of its internal volume in grease and solids before it begins to lose efficiency. Perfect for replacing failing steel or concrete, the TZ-600 is manufactured out of durable polyethylene, meaning that it will outlast traditional interceptors made of inferior materials. The in-ground models come with an Extension Collar Adapter Ring lid, 18″ long single-piece extension collar and 22″ Solid Top Cover that can be removed easily to clean out retained grease.


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